Creativity Sessions

unleashing the creative potential

Soul prefers to imagine.

Thomas Moore

“Creativity River” is a series of one-to-one sessions, designed to support the river of your creativity flow. These sessions are not therapy, although they are therapeutic, healing and transformative.

You may be:

  • wanting to connect or reconnect with your creativity
  • experiencing a ‘creative block’ or resistance
  • feeling disempowered by your inner critic
  • wanting to find inspiration and discover the depths of your authentic creativity
  • wanting to live from your creative centre, enjoy the creative process, feel playful

During these sessions, we will be working with various art forms and creative methods, such as art materials, writing, ritual, story, embodiment, poetry, role-play, objects & postcards. Although I’ll be guiding you through the session, the process will be tailored to your unique needs and what you’d like to get from these sessions.

On the whole, “Creativity River” will support you to find courage to create, to give expression what authentically comes through you and learn to build and sustain creative practices for yourself.

Series lasts 8 weeks, though it can be longer or shorter depending on your needs. Some sessions take place in nature.

Reflections from souls I have journeyed with

  • “....the question of 'where / what is home?'...I realised so much from such depth within me and my childhood in that day about what makes me feel safe and how important that is.”

  • "Müge is heartfelt facilitator, who gracefully held the group, allowing a deepening and opening, with something wonderfully surprising emerging through the dance and enactment. Highly recommended."

  • "Müge brings a playfulness and beauty to her work, also has a real soulful depth to it. She is able to hold this lightness and depth in a way that feels safe and supportive."

  • "Beautifully held and accessible for light touch or a deep dive.."

  • "Müge's workshop was facilitated with such grace and skill, that it allowed me to drop into myself. It was a deeply moving experience for me, one that will stay with me for a long time to come."

  • “ It was an immensely rewarding journey...”

  • "It was a rich and soulful exploration - I loved the way Müge held the space and created the container for this.."

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