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As a group therapist and experienced workshop facilitator, I have experienced numerous times the healing and transformation that can happen through the collective. When individuals feel safe and supported in a group, they can begin to allow themselves to be who they are, feel held enough to take risks, to open to greater intimacy.

Some of what you might expect to gain from group work is:

  • being able to express your feelings through creative forms
  • feel safe and grounded in your body
  • develop intimacy with others
  • learn to take risks
  • develop insight into your relational patterns
  • find your voice
  • begin to relate authentically with others
  • have greater awareness around your boundaries
  • integrate the ‘shadow’ parts of yourself, moving towards wholeness
  • reconnect with and begin to heal your inner child- access playfulness, joy, freedom
  • connect with the essence of who you are, hearing the voice deep within
  • feel part of a creative, conscious community

My approach to group work involves both creative art therapy forms and relational group process. Through movement, enactment of stories, myths and fairy tales, drama, role-play, voice, rhythm, poetry and art materials, we go on a journey of creative, embodied exploration. On the other side of this journey, we process the feelings and insights that came up for us, by sharing them in the group. This relational processes involves support, intimacy, constructive challenges, an opportunity to experience different ways of relating and opening up to something bigger than ourselves.

Reflections from souls I have journeyed with

  • “Müge has a wonderfully welcoming and positive presence; her smile puts you at ease and helps you open up to her and others, and to yourself..”

  • "It was a rich and soulful exploration - I loved the way Müge held the space and created the container for this.."

  • "Müge's workshop was facilitated with such grace and skill, that it allowed me to drop into myself. It was a deeply moving experience for me, one that will stay with me for a long time to come."

  • “ It was an immensely rewarding journey...”

  • " was a fantastic workshop - Müge, thanks so much for taking us on such an emotional and profound journey! Really looking forward to the next one!"

  • "Müge is heartfelt facilitator, who gracefully held the group, allowing a deepening and opening, with something wonderfully surprising emerging through the dance and enactment. Highly recommended."

  • "From one of the workshops i attended, I remember the 'unbearable lightness of' being a feather....still to this's probably been 10 years...and I remember it often when I feel particularly stressed."

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