Integrative and Soulful Supervision

Most of our difficulties come from losing contact with our instincts, with the age-old forgotten wisdom stored up in us. 

Carl G. Jung

I offer supervision sessions for counsellors, psychotherapists and creative arts psychotherapists. It is a safe space where you can feel held, fall apart and grow as a therapist.


I trained as a supervisor at Re-Vision Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  I have been working with supervisees (both trainees and qualified therapists) in psychotherapy organizations as well as in private practice. The supervisory relationship is at the heart of how I work and within that relationship it is important you and your work is seen; where together we empower you to work with difficulties and appreciate your strengths and skills.

I integrate analytical, developmental and archetypal perspectives underpinned by the transpersonal approach as a framework to hold the therapeutic work. I work with creative and embodied ways to explore the material you bring, which can offer deep and rich perspectives and openings often in situations where the work feels stuck.

Reflections from souls I have journeyed with

  • “Müge was inspirational. She somehow connected to my inner world, saw my worries and felt my wounds. She helped me to find a way to heal myself and get grounded...”

  • “....the question of 'where / what is home?'...I realised so much from such depth within me and my childhood in that day about what makes me feel safe and how important that is.”

  • "Müge brings a playfulness and beauty to her work, also has a real soulful depth to it. She is able to hold this lightness and depth in a way that feels safe and supportive."

  • "Beautifully held and accessible for light touch or a deep dive.."

  • "From one of the workshops i attended, I remember the 'unbearable lightness of' being a feather....still to this's probably been 10 years...and I remember it often when I feel particularly stressed."

  • "It was a rich and soulful exploration - I loved the way Müge held the space and created the container for this.."

  • “Müge has a wonderfully welcoming and positive presence; her smile puts you at ease and helps you open up to her and others, and to yourself..”

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