Following the Soul Feather, 27th Jan 2019

This workshop was held at Winter Residential Conference of Re-Vision, Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy with a Soulful Perspective

How do our imperfections lead us towards a descent into what's soulful? What could happen if rather than striving forward, we paused, waited and listened to the deep calling from the earth? Who is waiting to meet with us if we said yes to a journey towards a ‘road less travelled’?

In this workshop we'll work with the story of "The Three Feathers" in a creative and embodied way, using sound and movement, enactment, play and instruments. As we allow our bodies, the rhythm and a deeper knowing to guide us, we'll journey together with Simple, the imperfect hero of our story. Perhaps, through following him 'simply' descending into the depths, we'll discover what gifts may be hiding (or had to hide) in the soul-rooms of the 'underworld'.

What would it mean to return with these gifts, to own them, and not hide any more?

Reflections from souls I have journeyed with

  • "Müge brings a playfulness and beauty to her work, also has a real soulful depth to it. She is able to hold this lightness and depth in a way that feels safe and supportive."

  • “....the question of 'where / what is home?'...I realised so much from such depth within me and my childhood in that day about what makes me feel safe and how important that is.”

  • “Müge was inspirational. She somehow connected to my inner world, saw my worries and felt my wounds. She helped me to find a way to heal myself and get grounded...”

  • " was a fantastic workshop - Müge, thanks so much for taking us on such an emotional and profound journey! Really looking forward to the next one!"

  • "From one of the workshops i attended, I remember the 'unbearable lightness of' being a feather....still to this's probably been 10 years...and I remember it often when I feel particularly stressed."

  • "Müge is heartfelt facilitator, who gracefully held the group, allowing a deepening and opening, with something wonderfully surprising emerging through the dance and enactment. Highly recommended."

  • “ It was an immensely rewarding journey...”

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