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    Müge Erdoğmuṣ-Turnbull

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Müge Erdoğmus-Turnbull

Müge Erdoğmuṣ-Turnbull

Psychotherapist, Drama and Movement Therapist, Group Facilitator


I am a fully qualified and experienced Integrative & Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Drama and Movement Therapist and group facilitator working in North and East London.

I offer the following Soul Journeys:

  • individual psychotherapy 
  • individual drama and movement therapy  
  • creativity sessions
  • therapeutic group work and workshops


Soul journey is a home coming
Coming home to ourselves

Discovering the forgotten lands of our being
shedding light into the darkened corners
the hurt, exiled, thirsty parts
the young the wise the angry,
playful and heartbroken ones...


Individual Psychotherapy

A safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to express and explore freely whatever you need support with.

A transformative journey of self-discovery, insight, and empowerment that'll help you find the courage within yourself to make the changes you wish to make in your life.

Drama and Movement Therapy

Drama & Movement Therapy

Drama & movement therapy is a form of creative art psychotherapy. Sometimes it may be difficult to find words to express our inner world- this form of therapy uses story, enactment, movement, role-play, objects, art materials to give expression to whatever you’d like to explore in the session; facilitating healing, growth and transformation.


Türkçe Terapi

Bireysel Psikoterapi & Dramaterapisi

Bireysel psikoterapi yolculuğu, zorlandığınız, destek almak istediğiniz konularda size kendinizi ifade etmeniz için güvenli, yargısız bir alan açar. Psikoterapi süreci kendimizi ve duygularımızı tanımaya, kendimiz hakkında içgörü kazanmaya yardımcı olan çok güçlü ve dönüştürücü bir süreçtir. Bu süreçte bizi derinden duyan birinin desteğini almak iyileştiricidir.

Creativity Sessions

“Creativity River” is a series of one-to-one sessions, designed to support the river of your creativity flow. These sessions are not therapy, although they are therapeutic, healing and transformative.

“Creativity River” will support you to find courage to create, to give expression what authentically wants to come through you.

Group Work - Creative

Group Work

Being part of an ongoing group is a powerful and transformative experience. It sheds light to our relational patterns, giving us opportunities to be seen and heard, and try out different ways of relating.

I facilitate therapeutic and creative groups where we work with stories, drama and movement, as well as group process. 


I facilitate regular workshops in London and Istanbul. Taking part in a workshop is a good opportunity to have a taste of the way I work with groups.

Some of my regular work includes running workshops for therapists and therapy trainees. I also hold women's circles and run workshops for Turkish speaking women in London. 

If you are interested in me running a workshop for your team or organization, get in touch.

Reflections from souls I have journeyed with

  • "Müge's workshop was facilitated with such grace and skill, that it allowed me to drop into myself. It was a deeply moving experience for me, one that will stay with me for a long time to come."

  • "From one of the workshops i attended, I remember the 'unbearable lightness of' being a feather....still to this day...it's probably been 10 years...and I remember it often when I feel particularly stressed."

  • “....the question of 'where / what is home?'...I realised so much from such depth within me and my childhood in that day about what makes me feel safe and how important that is.”

  • “Müge has a wonderfully welcoming and positive presence; her smile puts you at ease and helps you open up to her and others, and to yourself..”

  • "..it was a fantastic workshop - Müge, thanks so much for taking us on such an emotional and profound journey! Really looking forward to the next one!"

  • "Müge is heartfelt facilitator, who gracefully held the group, allowing a deepening and opening, with something wonderfully surprising emerging through the dance and enactment. Highly recommended."

  • “Müge was inspirational. She somehow connected to my inner world, saw my worries and felt my wounds. She helped me to find a way to heal myself and get grounded...”

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